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  Why would an animal want to cooperate with a human? The behaviorist would say that animals cooperate when, through reinforcement, they learn it is in their interest to cooperate. This is true as far as it goes, but I don't think it goes far enough, if we remember that some rewards are more importa...
   But I grew up, as many of us did, in a household where we changed the sheets and towels every single week no matter what, so I had some difficulty reducing the frequency with which we laundered the linens.    Fortunately, my younger stepson, Eric, who had recently graduated from college, gave me ...
   There was only one known means of treatment that might effect a cure: a bone marrow transplant. But that would work only if I could find a right donor. Even then, the function of my immune system would have to be entirely stopped so the donor's bone marrow wouldn't be rejected by my body. However...
  A couple of days after Nepal's crown prince gunned down several members of the royal family ― including his parents ― in a drunken rage before shooting himself, an American friend phoned me at my California home. "Isn't that a shame," she exclaimed. "It never would have happened if the king and qu...