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  Humor and laughter are also tremendously important in relationships. Sharing a good laugh with someone does wonders. A friend of mine once told me that (1)when she and her husband were having a disagreement, he made a face which struck her as so comical that she burst into laughing. They then both...
   Toward the end of her stay in Tokyo Mother sometimes caught colds and took to bed for a day or two, which made the family think she was finally yielding to old age. But after she moved back to the village this did not happen any more. Her color improved so much that she looked like a different pe...
   As is true throughout the world, the farther out from any urban center, generally the lower the rents will be. However, transportation may be so overcrowded and expensive that one has to balance these two factors in deciding where to settle. 単語 throughout「〜の隅から隅まで、〜じゅうくまなく」   farther「far の比較級」   ...
   Getting along with people is a necessity if one is to live in a civilized world. There is no place where a child can learn this better than through play. Contacts with other children in school are so limited and so regulated by rules that most children have little time to associate with other chi...
   The commonest form of forgetfulness, I suppose, occurs in the matter of posting letters. So common is it that I am always reluctant to trust a departing visitor to post an important letter. So little do I rely on his memory that I put him on his oath before handing the letter to him. As for mysel...
  I have seen a boy of two years old, who had been kept in London, taken out for the first time to walk in green country. The season was winter, and everything was wet and muddy. (1) To the adult eye there was nothing to cause delight, but in the boy there sprang up a strange ecstasy; he kneeled in ...