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   Men are seduced by the trappings of wealth, power, status, and possessions, but the secret of a fulfilled and satisfied life is the wisdom to know what will truly make us happy. Montaigne believed in the superiority of wisdom ― knowing what helps us live happily and morally ― over mere learning. ...
   The way in which the national government is organized in the United States Constitution provides an excellent illustration of the American suspicion of government power. The provisions of the Constitution are more concerned with keeping the government from doing evil than with enabling it to do g...
   Consequently, although there are differences between real time and the individual time of personal experience, we have to relate our personal sense of time to the time of the clock and the calendar. (1) Similarly, in our study of the natural world, never has more importance been attached to the a...
  Even though Otto Hahn and Frits Straassmann received the Nobel Prize for detecting barium when neutrons came into collision with a uranium target, their experiment would have had little impact without the subsequent theoretical work of other scientists. It was only on that basis that Hahn and Stra...
  In highly mechanized systems as much as ten times more energy is used to produce food than is returned to society as energy contained in the food consumed. It is of interest to note that in many developing nations energy invested in agricultural production generally returns up to 20 times more in ...
  I have seen a boy of two years old, who had been kept in London, taken out for the first time to walk in green country. The season was winter, and everything was wet and muddy. (1) To the adult eye there was nothing to cause delight, but in the boy there sprang up a strange ecstasy; he kneeled in ...
   The fact that language can be used to express our thoughts gives rise to some interesting questions. How are language and thought related? Can we think without language? Is our thinking molded by the structure of our language? These are very difficult questions, questions that we cannot hope to a...
   Serendipity is commonly defined as "a happy accident" and takes its name from the island of Sri Lanka, which used to be called Ceylon and, before that, Serendip.    The notion of serendipity ― of valuable discoveries made while seeking something else entirely ― can be illustrated by experience in...