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   But I grew up, as many of us did, in a household where we changed the sheets and towels every single week no matter what, so I had some difficulty reducing the frequency with which we laundered the linens.    Fortunately, my younger stepson, Eric, who had recently graduated from college, gave me ...
  At 5:30 the sun has not yet risen. Trees and bushes are shadows, mist lies on the fields and the grass is wet underfoot. All around me, though, is an extraordinary web of sound, up and down the scales. Some of it must be coming from near me, the sweet, high notes almost at arm's reach; some comes ...
英語を第2公用語にしてはどうかという議論が日本で起こっているという文に続いて。   From the outset, this debate stems from the fact that the English language education in Japan is overly biased toward sitting for examinations.   Specially, it consists of the memorization of grammer and vocabulary alone and fails to produce people with conv...
   As is true throughout the world, the farther out from any urban center, generally the lower the rents will be. However, transportation may be so overcrowded and expensive that one has to balance these two factors in deciding where to settle. 単語 throughout「〜の隅から隅まで、〜じゅうくまなく」   farther「far の比較級」   ...
   The commonest form of forgetfulness, I suppose, occurs in the matter of posting letters. So common is it that I am always reluctant to trust a departing visitor to post an important letter. So little do I rely on his memory that I put him on his oath before handing the letter to him. As for mysel...
  Children in nursery school tongue-show most often when they're involved in activities such as playing with blocks, drawing with crayons or even kicking a ball. The greater the concentration needed, the more often the tongue appears. In one experiment, as children made their way to the top of an ev...
  Any adult who interacts with a child, any traveler who visits other culture groups, any historian who studies beliefs and attitudes of the past immediately becomes aware that others might not interpret the world as she or he does. Even peers from the same culture are confronted with these issues, ...
  In highly mechanized systems as much as ten times more energy is used to produce food than is returned to society as energy contained in the food consumed. It is of interest to note that in many developing nations energy invested in agricultural production generally returns up to 20 times more in ...