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   There have been other milestones. Tho police officers of my youth always seemed big, even huge, and of course they were older than I was. Then one day (1) they were suddenly neither. In fact, some were kids ― short kids at that. The day came when I suddenly realized that all the football players ...
  What comes out of spending a day with a TV or a computer or a video screen is loneliness. Conversely, literary reading is an entry into a dialogue; a book can be a friend, talking not at you, but to you. That the rates of depression should be going up as the rates of reading are going down is no c...
  For a variety of social and historical reasons, sport occupies a different place in American culture than it does in Europe. In the United States sport is the essence of that competitive spirit that is the basis of a free-market culture and it portrays vividly the people's attitude to success that...