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   In the control of crime, fear of being punished ― even severely ― is not enough if every criminal believes that he, personally, will not get caught. To the fear of punishment must be added the fear of getting caught. That is why an informer system, where someone reports the crime, tends to be eff...
   Looking back, the decision to buy a bike seems like a silly thing to feel self-conscious about, and yet it's symbolic of the kind of fear and self-doubt that can keep us from enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Too often we hold ourselves back from the things we'd really like to try, out of a ...
   Two interesting books that have different points of view about animals were published this summer. (1) The author of one takes the position that every animal is an individual who should no more be subject to ownership than should one human by another. The author of the second would disagree. He l...
   But how complete is our picture of the lives of ancient people? Imagine archaeologists a thousand years in the future uncovering the following articles from the present time: a wristwatch, a videocassette, a plastic cup from a fast-food restaurant, a skateboard, and a toothbrush. (1) What conclus...
   The historic idea of a national identity that can unify all Americans is now being discussed in many areas in our politics, our voluntary organizations, our churches, our language. And in no area is the rejection of a shared national identity more crucial than in our system of education. 単語 histo...