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   (1) A nation is a community and as such is to some extent exclusive. Its members share a sense of common identity and have special moral duties to each other. The national community also has moral duties to outsiders, although these are more limited than towards its own members. Not everyone in t...
  The discovery of Australia has a background as romantic as that of any other part of the southern Pacific seas. Related as so much of it is with the voyages of the great explorer, Captain James Cook, it never fails to stir up inspirting thoughts in the people of Australia. 単語・熟語 discovery「発見」   ba...
  Fortunately, some thinkers are recognizing that technology can take us away from life, can isolate us, and can destroy. If we listen to them carefully, though their opinions may seem extreme today, we may learn what it would be like to live as happy human beings in a time dominated by technology. ...
  What comes out of spending a day with a TV or a computer or a video screen is loneliness. Conversely, literary reading is an entry into a dialogue; a book can be a friend, talking not at you, but to you. That the rates of depression should be going up as the rates of reading are going down is no c...
  The third discipline is the one most people mean when they speak of disipline ― the Discipline of Superior Force, of sergeant to private, of "you do what I tell you or I'll make you wish you had." There is bound to be some of this in a child's life. Living as we do sorrounded by things that can hu...
   Suddenly, almost everyone in England has a mobile phone, but because this is new, unfamiliar technology, there are no set rules of etiquette governing when, how, and in what manner these phones should be used. We have to make up these reles as we go along ― a fascinating process to watch and , fo...
  Air France's bold decision to do what was once unthinkable, to make its pilots speak English to the control towers, lasted a mere 15 days.   The airline had the idea that linguistic pride should be put aside for safety considerations.   Rather than having bilingual airwaves that frequently confuse...
  Although the nineteenth century was an era of steam, the last quarter of the century saw electricity come into its own as a source of power and of light. Whether the source of power was steam or electricity, it was dependent upon coal, so that this period was one of great expansion and development...