【Y で始まる英単語】

  • yearn ロングマン to have a strong desire for something, especially something that is difficult or impossible to get; コウビルド If you yearns for something that they are unlikely to get, they want it very much. ロングマン...続きを読む
  • yell ロングマン [ also yell out ] to shout or say something very loudly, especially because you are frightened, angr, or excited; コウビルド If you yell, you shout loudly, usually because you are excited, angry, or ...続きを読む
  • yield ロングマン to allow yourself to be forced or persuaded to do something or stop having something; If one thing yield to another, it is replaced by that thing. to produce crops, profits etc; the amount of pr...続きを読む
  • youth ロングマン the period of time when someone is young, especially the period when someone is a teenager; the quality or state of being young; a teenage boy ― used especially in newspapers to show disapproval...続きを読む