【V で始まる英単語】

  • vacant ロングマン A vacant seat, building, room or piece of land is empty and available for someone to use. コウビルド If something is vacant, it is not being used by anyone. If a job or position is vacant, no one is ...続きを読む
  • vacuum ロングマン a space that is completely empty of al gas, especially one from which all the air has been taken away; a situation in which someone or something is missing or lacking; コウビルド If someone or someth...続きを読む
  • vague ロングマン unclear because someone does not give enough detailed information or does not say exactly what they mean; not having a clear shape or form コウビルド If someone written or spoken is vague, it does no...続きを読む
  • vain ロングマン a vain attempt, hope or search fails to achieve the result you want; someone who is vain is too proud of their good looks, abilities, or position ― used to show disapproval; [ in vain ] without ...続きを読む
  • valid ロングマン a reason, argument etc that is based on what is reasonable or sensible; a valid ticket, document, or agreement is legally or officially acceptable; コウビルド A valid argument, comment, or idea is ba...続きを読む