【U で始まる英単語】

  • ugly ロングマン extremely unattractive and unpleasant to look at; コウビルド If you say that something or someone is ugly, you mean that they are very unattractive and unpleasant to look at. If you refer to an event...続きを読む
  • ultimate ロングマン someone's ultimate aim is their main and most important aim, that they hope to achieve in the future. better, bigger, worse etc than all other things or poeple of the same kind; コウビルド You use ul...続きを読む
  • uncover ロングマン to find out about something that has been kept secret; to remove the cover from something; コウビルド If you uncover something, especially something that has been kept secret, you discover or find ou...続きを読む
  • undergo ロングマン If you undergo a change, an unpleasant experience etc, it happens to you or is done to you. コウビルド If you undergo something necessary or unpleasant, it happens to you. ロングマン もしもあなたが変化、不快な経験などを un...続きを読む
  • underlying ロングマン the cause, idea etc that is the most important, although it is not easily noticed; コウビルド The underlying features of an object, event, or situation are not obvious, and it may be difficult to dis...続きを読む