【H で始まる英単語】

  • habit ロングマン something that you do regularly or usually, often without thinking about it because you have done it so many times before; コウビルド A habit is something that you do often or regularly. A habit is a...続きを読む
  • habitat ロングマン the natural home of a plant or animal; コウビルド The habitat of an animal or plant is the natural environment in which it normally lives or grows. ロングマン 植物や動物の自然界での所在地 コウビルド 動物や植物の habitat とは、その動物や植...続きを読む
  • halt ロングマン to prevent someone or something from continuing - used especially in news reports; a stop or pause; コウビルド When a person or a vehicle halts or when something halts them, they stop moving in the d...続きを読む
  • handicapped ロングマン If someone is handicapped, a part of their body or their mind has been permanently injured or damaged. コウビルド Someone who is handicapped has a physical or mental disability that prevents them liv...続きを読む
  • handle ロングマン to deal with a situation or problem by behaving in a particular way and making particular decisions; to touch something or pick up and hold it in your hands; the part of an object that you use f...続きを読む